At various stages of life and career, we all need to embrace different types of change.  Having adapted to change many times in my own life I understand the importance of re-adjusting to manage each change cycle in a flexible and smarter way.  I have changed career three times, industry multiple times, returned to work after a long break, handled redundancy and sudden bereavement where resilience was key and multi-tasked a busy career with both travelling commitments and small children.  My passion is to help others gain confidence, clarity, build resilience, and overcome obstacles to become the very best part of themselves in any given situation.

I am a Life, Executive and Career Coach with a background in Sociology, Languages, Human Resources Management and Coaching. I have worked in several different industries including Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Cyber Security/IT, Manufacturing, Engineering, Healthcare and the public sector. I continue to work in HR and recruitment as both an HR Consultant and Competency-based External Interviewer and this enables me to keep on-trend with what is happening on the ground in industry. I have worked as an Executive CV Writer for an international CV writing organisation based in London where I worked at Executive/MD level with international clients. I have a lifelong love of learning and positive psychology. I continue to invest in my own continuing professional development and personal coaching journey so I can share the best of modern thought leadership with you. 

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