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FlexiSmart Coaching has specifically designed a Discover U Career Assessment Programme to assist individuals and students explore, assess and discover their unique aptitude, values, skills, personal style and motivators that are best suited to a particular career path or occupational themes. This also includes guidance on further education (for students) and employability options within the field. All assessments are accredited and customised according to the needs of the individual or student.

Online Assessments: Choice from personality, occupational interests, aptitudes and strengths assessments accredited by the British Psychological Society. For students, this also includes other educational institutional assessments specific to Secondary Schools.

EXPLORATION: Online psychometric assessment(s) across aptitudes, interests, personality, occupations and strengths.
Analysis of report(s) and research career (and course area for students)
SELF-ASSESSMENT: Motivators, values and skills.
DISCOVERY: 1:1 Coaching and guidance session for 1.5 hours.
Online Report(s)
The Discover U Career Development Plan.