Provision of Career Guidance for Secondary School Students in the final cycle regarding subject choice, further education, CAO choice and occupational field/career. 

Discover your unique set of aptitudes, interests, strengths, personality, values and motivators.  Together we will then assess the options available education and career-wise linked to those preferences.  Learn further about that particular career field and the variety of roles and opportunities related to it in actual industry and what the job entails in working practice today. 

Using a toolkit that includes accredited psychometrics, web-based assessments, strengths-based coaching and my own extensive experience in a variety of industries I will support and guide you. As a student it is imporant to arm yourself with the best information to make that best choice for your future.

Providing customised Discover U Career Assessment Programmes for students in the Final Cycle of Secondary School. These assessments are tailored for either the student exploring subject choice or the student contemplating CAO, further education or career choice. The assessments will be specifically tailored to the unique needs of each student. Assessments include either 1, 2 or 3 online psychometrics depending on the programme.