“I engaged Aideen at a time where I felt I wasn’t getting the results from my career that I expected. At the time I was consulting and moving from project to project looking for that ‘perfect’ opportunity. The reality is I didn’t even know what ‘perfect’ was for me. With Aideen’s help I got a much clearer understanding of my own values and the value I can deliver for others. The net result was that within a few weeks I landed the ‘perfect’ opportunity for me and I now feel like my career is exactly where I want it to be. Aideen’s help was invaluable and her knowledge and integrity are unquestionable. I would highly recommend contacting Aideen if you think you are falling short of your full potential.” 
Managing Director, Cork



“Earlier this year I needed help relating to my future career pathway. I was approaching something of a ‘career crossroads’ and sought out Aideen’s professional expertise to help guide me. Aideen was most professional in her approach, establishing our timeframes, parameters and expectations at the outset. From there she facilitated a series of very engaging conversations that challenged my perspectives on life, work and family. This led me to become very aware of my core beliefs, inner values and awaken my real passions. Realizing the importance of these core traits, in turn, brought a move to a role more aligned with more authentic goals. This new role delivers both high levels of job satisfaction and a far more manageable work/life balance. Challenging my perspective helped change my reality. Would recommend the services of FlexiSmart Coaching to anyone at a career crossroads. “
Senior Financial Advisor, Kildare



 “I highly recommend Aideen. Aideen provided me with career coaching earlier this year and I found the experience so rewarding. Focusing on my values and really analysing my current situation helped me move forward and transition after a huge career shift. Aideen helped remind me of all I could bring to any new organisation or role and encouraged me not to limit myself. I also love the business model as she offers video meetings which worked really well for me outside normal business hours…. Aideen wholeheartedly reflects her brand as a Flexismart coach. “
Consultant and Leadership Trainer, Wicklow



“I have just received an offer to join a relatively newly formed management consultancy.  Thank you once again most sincerely for your help in providing some structure when it was needed and for helping on the road to change”.
Management Consultant, Cork