Any change in one area of a person’s life or career needs to be in balance with the full holistic picture.  So by undertaking a career coaching programme it also entails being in tune with the other fundamental parts of the person’s life including wellness, roles and relationships.  Coaching, for me, is always about considering this holistic approach.

My coaching involves the strengths-based co-active approach with influences from neuroscience and positive psychology.  Coaching is provided in a supportive environment with active listening and empathy.  I will also challenge you along the way, as necessary, in order to nurture a growth mindset or evoke the transformation required to become that best version of you. I compliment this with the provision of other tools such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and assessments accredited by the British Psychological Society (BPS) when needed. Coaching programmes are fully confidential and we create a space devoted completely to your success, goals and purpose.

With Student Career Guidance we focus on strengths, interests, and abilities looking at the match between what the student has available to them, their own career motivators and values and finally the range of education and occupational fields open to them. The approach is fully supportive re-assuring them of the very many options open to them in a time where they could already be anxious.  Again it is about giving the student the very best opportunity and confidence at this early stage. All guidance tools are accredited.