Coaching has been described as the very best gift you can give yourself. It has the ability to empower and evoke real transformation during times of change, challenge or stagnancy. It can help to re-ignite passion and discover purpose and meaning in life to be the very best you can be.  Partnering with a coach, you can gain clarity on what your true values are, learn how to nurture a growth mindset and reprogramme the brain to overcome obstacles and any self-limiting beliefs. You can finally set concrete goals and follow through on action plans to achieve those goals to reach your true potential.

What is Coaching:

Coaching is a conversation with a purpose, also a space where someone can think through what is going on for them. An opportunity to do ‘great thinking”.

Julie Starr (Author, The Coaching Manual)

Coaching is not mentoring, counselling or giving advice. In the co-active coaching relationship, we believe the power is within you to find purpose and meaning as you are resourceful and whole. You are the expert in your own life.  The role of the coach is to partner with you in this journey of discovery to evoke transformation so you can take action to put these discoveries into clear SMART goals. We are the designers of our destiny, the creators of our fate.

Are you:
Struggling to identify your true purpose or meaning in life? Or feel there is more to be accomplished in your life?  
Suffering from debilitating self-limiting beliefs or a negative inner voice?
Finding it hard to set goals or follow through on actions?
Regularly procrastinating in taking action steps?
Seeking greater work-life integration?
Lacking the motivation or confidence to take the next step towards your own success?

Using strengths-based coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) motivational and resilience techniques can help empower you to make that next step towards unlocking that greater potential to become the very best of You.

Coaching programmes consists of a minimum of 4 individual sessions across a number of weeks.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”

George Eliot