FlexiSmart supports organisations by providing 1:1 executive coaching, team and manager training and development programmes and consultancy projects with psychometrics.

Executive Coaching

Now, more than ever, organisations are facing real challenges in disruptive and increasingly changing times.  Having an engaged, productive workforce is key.  Along the way it is inevitable that sometimes employees will experience interference, distraction, dis-engagement or other obstacles along the way, even star performers.

Executive Coaching provides individual employees an opportunity to see through the distraction, face change, eliminate the interference, and recharge productivity.  Coaching can ultimately help individuals gain clarity and achieve success through and in change.

Benefits of Coaching for Organisations

  • Internal Professional Support
  • Improve Engagement
  • Improve Retention
  • Industry known as Employer investing in Executive Coaching
  • Proven increase in productivity
  • Reduction in conflict or dis-ease


Workshops and programmes available:

  • Interview Training for Managers
  • Career Development for Managers
  • Team Development Programmes (with inbuilt psychometrics MBTI/TKI)
  • New Manager and newly appointed/promoted manager training
  • Communication, Dealing with Change and Resilience
  • Conflict Management TKI

Note – Additional Add-On:  All training is accompanied by individual 1:1 executive coaching and group coaching sessions.

Teams more than ever are experiencing disconnection, dis-engagement or other obstacles, even star performers.   Remote working has provided opportunity but also challenge.  Managers are adapting to accelerated change with their teams and business.

Change is ever increasing so the ability to cope with and thrive in change is pivotal to an organisation’s success. FlexiSmart provides training and workshops along with 1:1 executive coaching to help teams and managers gain greater self-awareness, and greater team awareness across differences and thus supports organisations eliminate the interference, improve communication and recharge connection, engagement, resilience and productivity.

Benefits of Training for Organisations

  • Concrete support for individuals and managers within the organisations
  • An improved induction process for new team members and new managers or newly appointed.
  • Increased knowledge of the differences in teams and people and to use this new awareness to understand differences, communicate well, collaborate better, have better relationships at work and work productively
  • Improve engagement and retention

“Aideen’s MBTI training session was brilliant for giving us all an understanding in how we prefer to work, and how we can better work with profiles very different to ours.  This is invaluable as we begin to reinforce our management team culture for the future”.   

Paul McSherry, Head of Companies & Communities, Crowleys Opticians



FlexiSmart provides consultancy services in psychometrics to meet the demands of organisations who require flexibility and transparency both in selection processes and in the development of their employees and teams.

Projects completed:

  • Accredited practitioner 16pf, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, Saville and Thomas Kilmann
  • External or internal recruitment & selection projects for organisations
  • Internal HR Interviewer in high volume recruitment for Xerox, Gateway, Pfizer and Centocor
  • External Interviewer and Chairperson (Public & Private sectors)
  • Group Behavioural Assessor for Assessment Centres

Why Me?

  • Qualified Executive Coach and Professional Certification
  • Over 20 years’ experience in the HR arena, I know and get people and teams
  • A strengths based holisitic whole systems coaching approach to coaching and development.
  • An NLP Practitioner
  • Accredited Practitioner Psychometrics IMI – MBTI, Strong Interest, Saville, 16pf, Thomas Kilmann
  • Chartered Member of the CIPD
  • Membership of European Mentoring and Council Council