FlexiSmart supports organisations by providing executive coaching, consultancy and development & coaching programmes for teams and managers with in-built accredited asssessments, psychometrics and best-in-class models.

Executive Coaching

  • Now, more than ever, organisations are facing real challenge in disruptive and increasingly changing times.  Having an engaged, productive workforce working to their highest potential and wellbeing is key.  Along the way it is inevitable that sometimes employees will experience interference, distraction, disappointment, dis-engagement, lack of confidence or other obstacles to their potential.
  • Executive Coaching provides an opportunity to step away from the noise and distraction, eliminate the interference, and recharge productivity by connecting again to meaning, purpose and passion.  Coaching can ultimately help individuals gain awareness, clarity, confidence and focus to take action and move forward while navigating change or challenge.

Outplacement Services

  • At times, organisations face difficult decisions with re-organisation, downsizing, and redundancies.  It has often been described as a bereavement for employees faced with these scenarios.  Organisations that really care for the wellbeing of their employees provide outplacement support for these employees exiting the business.  FlexiSmart has worked on large outplacement projects both in Ireland and the UK offering specialist and expert outplacement services at every level.
  • We assist employees transition through this huge change to move with confidence and clarity, to design a roadmap for success for this next stage of their career or stage of life. Experts in career management we provide advice and coaching in the psychology of change and transition.  We also provide technical guidance in personal branding, CV/LinkedIn, job search strategies, assessment centre preparation, interview coaching, negotiating job offers and building the first 90 days of success.

Manager and Team Development Facilitation Programmes

  • More than ever, teams are experiencing disconnect and disengagement.   Remote/hybrid working has provided opportunity but also challenge.  Managers are required to adapt quickly to accelerated change with their teams and business.  Highly technical managers are not always equipped with the essential people skills they need.
  • Change is ever increasing so the ability to cope with and thrive in change is pivotal to an organisation’s success. FlexiSmart provides training and workshops along with individual executive coaching to help teams and managers gain greater self-awareness, and greater team awareness across strengths and differences supporting teams as they identify obstacles and eliminate interference to improve communication and recharge connection, engagement, resilience, wellbeing and productivity for high potential.


Workshops and programmes available:

  • UNIFY4TEAMS – a customised Team Development & Coaching Programme
  • Team Development Programmes (with inbuilt psychometrics)
  • Manager Development Training & Coaching
  • MBTI Team Awareness & Development Training
  • Competency Interview Skills Training for Managers/Interviewers
  • Effective Communication, Dealing with Change and Resilience
  • Dealing with Differences and Handling Difficult Conversations (Conflict Management)

Strategic Wellbeing

  • Organisations that are committed to the on-going wellbeing of their employees, and not simply completing a tickbox exercise, will sustain as employers of choice by showing they have true genuine care for their employees.  FlexiSmart provides strategic wellbeing consultancy and training services to organisations invested in building a culture of wellbeing and a solid strategic action plan around this.
  • We guide internal leaders, HR, managers and wellbeing teams on how to create a sustainable culture of wellbeing, and how to design bespoke wellbeing programmes both now and into the future advising them on the resources, policies and practices around wellbeing. This is based on scientifically backed evidence, data and emergent trends.  We are linked to pioneering experts across every facet of wellbeing@work and will make sure you have the most up-to-date knowledge and compliance in this key strategic area.

“The MBTI training session with Aideen was brilliant for giving us all an understanding in how we prefer to work, and how we can better work with profiles very different to ours.  This is invaluable as we begin to reinforce our management team culture for the future”.   

Paul McSherry, Head of Companies & Communities, Crowleys Opticians



  • FlexiSmart provides consultancy services in psychometrics to meet the demands of organisations who require flexibility and transparency both in selection processes and in the development of their employees and teams.

Projects completed leveraging psychometrics:

  • Accredited practitioner and trainer 16pf, MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, Saville and Thomas Kilmann amongst others.
  • External and internal recruitment & selection projects
  • Internal interviewer in high volume recruitment for Xerox, Gateway, Pfizer and Centocor
  • External interviewer and chairperson (public & private sectors)
  • Group behavioural assessor for assessment centres
  • Careers consultant and trainer for leading Munster University also assisting in the design of a careers online platform for students.

Organisations we have worked with:


Why Us?
  • Qualified Executive Coach and Professional Certification
  • Over 25 years’ experience in the HR arena, we know and get people, culture and teams
  • A strengths based holisitic whole systems coaching approach to coaching and development.
  • An NLP Practitioner and advocate of positive psychology and wellbeing
  • Accredited Practitioner Psychometrics IMI/Level A and B
  • Chartered Member of the CIPD
  • Membership of EMCC (European Mentoring and Council Council)
  • Senior Accredited Practitioner EMCC